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Cancellation of 140 trains today


Cancellation of 140 trains today. The Sri Lanka Railways Station Masters’ Union (SLRSMU) reported that nearly 140 trains, including office and intercity trains scheduled for today, have been canceled as a result of a strike called by railway workers in Colombo.

Two intercity express trains scheduled to depart from Colombo Fort for Kankesanturai at 11.50 am and Batticaloa at 3.05 pm were canceled due to the suspension of the train service since last morning.

It is noted that no specific vehicles were assigned to staff and they are compelled to use their own vehicles to report to work.

In the meantime, the Locomotive Drivers’ Association has declared that they will forgo performing their responsibilities starting at midnight. In the case that the Government does not pay attention to this, the Station Masters’ Union will also have to pursue another trade union action.

Evening train service is unpredictable, and the majority of the trains were off the tracks. Negotiations to supply fuel to the workers in the yards so they can get to work have already started.

As a result, the personnel at the train stations in Colombo Fort and Maradana have been ejected and has resulted in both these stations having to deal with a large number of inconvenienced commuters.

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