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Catholic Bishops Conference: Rejected leaders should not be trusted with governance.


The Catholic Bishops of Sri Lanka stress that rejected leaders should no longer be entrusted with the country’s governance.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Sri Lanka has issued a statement expressing its grave concern over the unprecedented political turmoil currently prevailing in Sri Lanka.

Moreover, the Catholic Bishops assert that the nation is in a state of political, economic, and social instability and that the current crisis has completely crippled our Motherland.

In light of this, the Catholic Bishops Conference has urged all Parliamentarians to set aside their political differences and agendas and reach a consensus in order to appoint an interim President and a Prime Minister who are trustworthy and capable of gaining the confidence of all.

In the event that this does not occur, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference has warned that the situation will deteriorate and the people will lose faith in the elected members of Parliament.

In addition, the Catholic Bishops of Sri Lanka urge the responsible leaders to set a date for the General Elections, allowing the people to freely exercise their right to vote by selecting their representatives who could lead the country in the future.

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