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Dayasiri requests the CJ to consider the possibility that the President fled the country.


In light of the current predicament of the President and the Acting President, parliamentarian Dayasiri Jayasekara has sent a letter to the Chief Justice requesting that he immediately begin performing duties in accordance with Article 37(2) of the Constitution.

In his letter, MP Jayasekara observes that the President has left the country and left it in disarray, without providing for an acting President, and that the acting President has become unable to carry out his duties as a result of the events that have occurred in the country over the past few days.

MP Dayasiri Jayasekara asserts that both the President and the acting President are unable to perform their duties effectively at this time.

MP Jayasekara, General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, requests the Chief Justice to initiate proceedings in accordance with Article 37(2) of the Constitution and to consult with the Speaker of the Parliament regarding future actions.

In the letter, MP Jayasekara emphasizes that the Chief Justice’s decision will affect the democratic rights of the people, fundamental rights, rule of law, and the country’s ability to avoid becoming a dictatorship or anarchy.

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