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Donald Trump Jr. honors his late mother Ivana Trump by posting their ‘legendary’ commercial.


Following the passing of his mother, Ivana Trump, Donald Trump Jr. honors her alongside his father, the former president of the United States, Donald Trump.

The eldest son of Ivana and Donald Trump took to Instagram on Saturday to honor the memory of his mother by posting a throwback video of his parents promoting a pizza brand.

In the commercial from the 1990s, the two ex-spouses reunited for a humorous take on their divorce settlement while promoting stuffed-crust pizza.

Ivana and Donald mocked their separation in the video, with Trump adjusting his bow tie while wearing a black tuxedo and asking Ivana, “Do you really believe this is the best decision for us, Ivana?” Ex-Mrs. Trump responded to her estranged husband’s question as she entered the frame wearing a stunning blue gown adorned with diamonds: “What would people think?”

The ex-couple hinted at a much more in-depth discussion about their relationship until Ivana pulled out the big guns and produced a box of pizza, at which point the audience was thrown into intense suspense. “Let them speak,” Trump stated. He questioned, “Isn’t it wrong?” Ivana responded, “But it feels so right.” The final fragment of the

Per People, the commercial made fun of their divorce settlement when Ivana reached for the last slice of pizza and Trump stopped her, saying, “Actually, you’re only entitled to half.”

Ivana Trump passed away on Thursday at the age of 73, and her son Donald Trump Jr. recalled her legendary legacy by posting a commercial with the caption “Legendary!!!”

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