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During a severe heatwave, a passenger train in Spain is encircled by a wildfire.


Spain is suffering from a severe heat wave in New Delhi. Even though it was predicted that conditions would improve on Tuesday, the respite will be brief as temperatures rise again on Wednesday, particularly in the dry western region of Extremadura.

When their train came to a stop in the countryside, passengers on a train passing through Zamora got a terrifying, up-close look at a fire in a terrifying video. Approximately a dozen passengers in a train car became alarmed as they peered out the windows and saw flames encroaching on both sides of the track, as captured on video.

The Madrid-Ferrol train was briefly halted because passengers feared being consumed by the wildfires that engulfed the train outside. The video has been circulating on social media platforms. Francisco Seoane Perez, who tweeted the video under the handle @PacoSeoanePerez, is believed to be a passenger on board.

From the right side of the train, he captured footage of a line of orange flames outside. In its translated form, the tweet read: “At 9:30 a.m., the Madrid-Ferrol train at Zamora-Sanabria experienced moments of panic. The train resumed its journey following a brief stop.” Since being shared, the video has received more than eight million views.

Renfe issued a series of alerts regarding the fire, confirming that Adif has suspended service between Otero de Bodas and Zamora, affecting Galicia-Madrid AVE and Alvia trains.

Numerous Twitter users shared the video and discussed climate change. As a result of climate change, heat waves are more intense, more frequent, and longer, and droughts have made it more difficult to combat wildfires.

They predict that climate change will continue to exacerbate extreme weather and increase the frequency and destructiveness of wildfires. More than thirty forest fires in Spain have forced the evacuation of tens of thousands of people and consumed 220 square kilometers of forest and brush.

The Spanish prime minister attributed the deaths of two people to climate change, stating, “Climate change kills.” In Spain and Portugal, where temperatures reached 47 degrees Celsius earlier this month, nearly 600 deaths have been attributed to heat-related causes.

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