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Eight members of an Indian family were swept away by high tides on an Oman beach; two died and three are still missing.


An Indian family’s vacation turned tragic when eight members were swept away by large waves off an Oman beach. Two members perished while a rescue operation was initiated for three others.

According to PTI, the family is from the western Indian state of Maharashtra and has been living in Dubai.

On Sunday afternoon, 42-year-old Shashikant Mhamane, his wife, and their children Shruti, 9, and Shreyas, 6, we’re spending time on the coast of Salah al-Mughsail when the incident occurred.

The authority reported that three of the eight who fell were quickly rescued, and emergency care was readily available.

The Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) of Oman reported that two family members, including a child, were discovered dead on Tuesday, as reported by Al Arabiya.

Images of the horrifying accident went viral on Twitter, where it can be seen that the family was posing for photographs on the coast when a large and powerful wave struck them.

As soon as the waves leave the sand and are pulled back into the ocean, a woman can be seen yelling for assistance as two other members of her group are swept away by the beach water.

Notably, the Sunday incident is just one of many that have been reported over the past week in Oman, where heavy rainfall has aided in the formation of strong and high tides on the beaches.

The CDAA announced the closure of numerous tourist destinations on July 10 to prevent additional deaths or accidents.

“Due to a large number of reports, indifference, and disregard for instructions, directives, and warnings, [the CDAA] urges all citizens, residents, and visitors to Oman who is visiting tourist attractions that until this situation is resolved, such sites will be closed, and visitors will not be permitted to approach them,” Al Arabiya reported, citing a CDAA statement.

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