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Finding alien life may depend on tracking quantum communications, according to new research.


Scientists have always been interested in the quest for extraterrestrial life, and research is frequently done to uncover the mysteries of our universe. According to a recent study, photons, or particles of light, may be transported over interstellar distances without losing their quantum nature, and these kinds of messages could be utilized by extraterrestrials to contact Earth.

Researchers claim in Physical Review D on June 28 that quantum transmissions may be a means of communication for extraterrestrial life, and that researchers searching for evidence of such life need to analyze these signals.

Theoretical physicist Arjun Berera wrote in his study that there is a good chance that intelligent extraterrestrial life uses quantum communication, a technology that researchers on Earth are also exploring right now. A technique that uses quantum particles to carry any kind of information has recently been the focus of several investigations and experiments conducted all over the world.

The issue of “decoherence” in terms of quantum communication on Earth refers to the fact that the particles occasionally lose their vigor after interacting with their surroundings.

According to Science News, Berera stated that “Quantum states you normally think of as very sensitive, and if there’s any kind of external interaction, you kind of destroy that state.”

According to Berera and theoretical physicist Jaime Calderón Figueroa, quantum communication may hold the key to discovering signals from extraterrestrial civilizations because the problem of decoherence is much less likely to occur when conveyed on an interstellar level.

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