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FUTA wants Ranil to step down and NOT run for President in Parliament.


In a letter to Acting President Ranil Wickremesinghe, the Federation of University Teachers’ Associations urged him to resign and avoid contributing to a constitutional and political impasse that will further destabilize the country.

FUTA has made the following demands:

• You consult with the speaker and the parliament and take the appropriate steps to resign from office immediately.

• Pledge to the people of this country that you will not offer yourself as a candidate when the parliament meets to appoint a new President on the 20th of this month

• Desist from using the arbitrary powers of the office of the executive president to direct violence and suppression at the people at any juncture.

• Desist from acting in such a manner that gives legitimacy to an illegitimate government.

“We sincerely hope that you will listen to the voices of reason and the people’s will and step down from your office honorably. As you are well-aware failure to do so could lead to a state of tremendous uncertainty and instability in the country,” it said in a statement.

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