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Grandma Tina Knowles says that Beyonce’s 5-year-old daughter Rumi “loves fashion.”


Rumi Carter, Beyonce‘s youngest daughter, is 5 years old. Her grandmother says that Rumi has gotten her mom’s love of fashion. “Rumi likes to dress well. Tina Knowles, who is 68 years old, told Oprah Daily that Beyonce chooses her own clothes. “We went to Disneyland not long ago, and she wore her Mickey Mouse shorts. Then she wanted to wear a sparkly top with the same colors that had a print on it. It really did look very cute. She’s 5. I liked what I saw.”

“She also said that Mickey Mouse would be so happy. He’s going to come over and take a picture with me.’ Tina told the outlet that Beyonce’s Ivy Park clothing line was a big hit because the clothes were so funny. “And did you know that Mickey took a picture with her? Tina said, “She reminds me a lot of Solange when she was little.” Solange Knowles is Beyonce’s younger sister. She is 36 years old.

“She wore some crazy things, but she has a great sense of style. So you just let them do what they want. You can’t say, “No, this doesn’t go with that or that.” But it’s not just Rumi who has gotten good at style. Tina told the outlet that all of Beyonce’s children, including Rumi’s twin brother Sir Carter and her oldest daughter Blue Ivy, 10, are fashion-conscious.

“Well, they’re little fashionistas, and they know exactly what they like and don’t like. “When Beyoncé is doing the first samples, they get them, and some things they love and some things you can tell are not their favorites,” Tina said. “Kids like things that feel good. They don’t want anything that is scratchy, too tight, or too high around the neck. So they definitely have something to say about the brand. And they always wear it when they go to Ivy Park.”

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