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India supports the citizens of Sri Lanka.


According to the Indian government, India supports the people of Sri Lanka as they try to fulfill their ambitions for prosperity and advancement via democratic institutions, established principles, and a legally binding constitution.

In response to inquiries on the situation in Sri Lanka, Shri Arindam Bagchi, the official spokesman for the Indian foreign ministry, highlighted that India is Sri Lanka’s nearest neighbor and that our two nations have strong historical ties.

He continued by saying that India is aware of the numerous difficulties Sri Lanka and its people have had and has supported them in their efforts to get through this trying time.

According to its Neighborhood First strategy, which places Sri Lanka at the center, India has this year given Sri Lanka an unprecedented amount of support—more than US$ 3.8 billion—in an effort to improve the country’s dire economic situation.

“We are still keeping a careful eye on the latest events in Sri Lanka. India supports Sri Lankans as they endeavor to achieve their goals of prosperity and progress via democratic institutions, established principles, and a strong constitutional framework, the official continued.

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