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Internal probe launched by the Sri Lankan Army


Internal probe launched by the Sri Lankan Army. The Sri Lankan fuel crisis is worsening to the level where unarmed citizens are becoming victims of assault by police and military personnel while waiting in fuel queues for days.

According to reports, these despicable incidents occur when the Police and Military try to get fuel despite the fact that the general public has been waiting in line for days to buy a restricted amount of petrol.

When civilians who had been waiting in line for days asked why they weren’t given fuel and why the military was getting fuel, the Commanding Officer of the Wehera Army Camp in Kurunegala booted one man back.

The event happened at the Yaggapitiya Filling Station, which is situated along the main road between Dambulla and Kurunegala.

It is claimed that two individuals who engaged in disorderly and aggressive behavior had been turned over to the police and a particular group was attempting to fabricate occurrences like this in order to damage the Army’s reputation.

The Lieutenant Colonel who is said to have carried out the assault is the subject of an internal inquiry by the Army.

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