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Investigation into the President’s Swearing-in Ceremony’s power outage


Investigation into the President’s Swearing-in Ceremony’s power outage. The Criminal Investigations Department has been given the task of looking into the sudden power outage that occurred at the Parliament during President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s Swearing-in Ceremony.

At the Parliamentary Complex this morning, Ranil Wickremesinghe took the Oath of Office as the 8th Executive President of Sri Lanka.

Along with other television stations, the Independent Television Network (ITN), the State Television Network, was scheduled to broadcast the ceremony live.

However, the live feed was cut off after the President entered the Parliament premises.

Later, it was revealed that the disturbance had been brought on by an unexpected power outage at the Parliamentary Complex.

Normally, when a power outage of this kind occurs, the backup generators kick in two to three seconds after the occurrence, but this time, the power was out for at least 10 minutes while the new President was being sworn in.

The President’s Swearing-in Ceremony was therefore unable to be broadcast live on the State Television Network.

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