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Iranian hackers steal information from travel websites on nearly 300,000 Israelis.


Iranian hackers steal information from travel websites on nearly 300,000 Israelis. Last month, personal information belonging to roughly 300,000 Israelis was made public by an Iranian hacker group that had been targeting websites enabling Israelis to book vacations.

The Sharp Boys organization asserted last month that it had obtained data from Israeli travel websites, including ID numbers, addresses, credit card information, and more.

The security of more than 20 travel-related websites was hacked, including hotel4u.co.il, hotels.co.il, isrotel.com, minihotel.co.il, trivago.co.il, and danhotels.com.

The material reportedly included a number of individual requests from Israeli consumers to postpone planned holidays owing to a variety of health issues.

“No matter where you go, especially on your trips, you are always under our watch. Remember to use our name, “The Sharp Boys claimed in a photo they posted on their Telegram channel.

N12 reports that Israel’s Privacy Protection Authority claimed it contacted the website operator following the theft to highlight issues with data protection. Gol Tours, which is owned by the operator, manages the majority of the compromised Israeli websites.

Furthermore, according to the authorities, the operator disregarded their instructions for him to improve his cyber security. The Privacy Protection Authority asserts that the excessive cost was the cause of his refusal.

Gol Tours’ owner refuted the accusations against him, asserting that he never refused to improve his cyber security. Additionally, he asserted that the hackers “simply stole names and phone numbers” off his website and that his company does not have credit card information on file.

According to reports, after getting a court order, privacy protection authority inspectors seized the operator’s servers, thereby putting an end to all of his company’s operations.

Sharp Boys published a spreadsheet that it claimed contained 120,000 users’ personal information and asserted control over the website’s backend management.

The group claimed earlier this month that it had infiltrated many other Israeli travel websites and taken user information from them.

Later, Sharp Boys published a spreadsheet that it claimed had 100,000 people’s personal information and credit card numbers.

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