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Message from the All Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulama


Message from the All Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulama. Considering the current state of unrest prevailing in our country, the people should ensure that evil forces do not misdirect the democratic people’s struggle.

Accordingly, the people of our country, especially those involved in demonstrations, should ensure to conduct their protests and demonstrations in a peaceful manner, honoring the country’s laws while upholding democratic values, and refrain from all forms of violence and causing any damage to public and private properties, it said.

The ACJU further said that as the forthcoming days are expected to be crucial, it kindly appeals to everyone to conduct themselves very calmly, maintain their respective religious values, and avoid violence in order to ensure political stability is established in the country.

As appealed by the Chief Prelates of the three Buddhist Chapters, we too appeal to the political leaders to convene the Parliament without further delay and to establish political stability in the country by providing an appropriate solution, acceptable to the people.

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