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Minister provides national fuel pass update


Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekara stated that hiccups and negative feedback were to be anticipated with the launch of the National Fuel Pass system, which is why users were asked to register over the next few days in order to reduce site traffic.

He added that the system was created at no cost to the government or the CPC with the assistance of ICTA and a number of leading Sri Lankan technology companies.

“National Fuel Pass was developed with the assistance of leading tech companies in SL and ICTA at no expense to the CPC or the government. We anticipated both errors and negative feedback. Thus, the request to register was made over a few days and began a few days prior to the distribution’s start,” he tweeted.

Following the launch of the National Fuel Pass system, users provided a variety of responses. Those who registered early had a positive experience, while others reported issues/bugs.

Some users complained about receiving a QR code with a different vehicle number, while others complained about being unable to register or receiving the OTP late.

Due to heavy traffic, the system went offline just a few hours after its launch, with users receiving the message “Under Maintenance.”

After a few hours offline, the system appears to be operational again.

Register: http://fuelpass.gov.lk/

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