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New Carpool App launched


New Carpool App launched. Aventage Labs, a division of St. Anthony’s Industries Group, has developed the Aventage Carpool app to help the public ride through the crisis “worry free” while assisting individuals in navigating the difficulties brought on by the ongoing fuel crisis.

The Aventage Carpool app links users for a comfortable travel experience on a single platform and enables users to publish rides, book rides, or do both, including roundtrips anytime they want, in a quick and easy manner.

The approximate fuel cost for each type of vehicle is up to the vehicle owner and passengers to divide in the case that they desire to charge a little fee. This is perfect for every type of vehicle, including cars, SUVs, vans, three-wheelers, and motorbikes.

Users receive a notification after matching with a driver or a rider, which they can use to make sure they are getting into the right car. Students who commute can choose to only match with other students on the app. Additionally, the gender preference for a vehicle’s driver or passengers is an option.

The app also offers the ability to add a car photograph and a local language choice that includes Tamil and Sinhala. Location sharing and offering suggestions for the cost per seat are further benefits.

Due to the fact that the cost is shared among the riders and that car owners can recover some of the fuel costs by letting others travel with them and get paid, the app enables customers to enjoy lower charges than those of normal taxi rides.

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