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NextGenSL encourages a peaceful transfer of power


NextGenSL, a coalition of youth political representatives from across parties, has urged Sri Lankan authorities to uphold democracy and constitutional solutions while respecting Party Leaders’ decisions.

The organization stated in a statement that it believes there should be a peaceful transition of power in Parliament and that an all-party interim government should be established with the support of all political parties in order to resolve the current crisis.

It is the responsibility of the President, the Prime Minister, the Speaker, and everyone else to immediately take all steps necessary to achieve this goal. Greed for excessive political power, trivial internal power struggles, and blatant will only result in more political unrest and chaos.

This crisis must be resolved in a way that preserves constitutionality and the rule of law, a point that we cannot stress enough. It was stated that any solution that exceeds the constitutional framework will fuel anarchy and destruction.

The organization also urged all Sri Lankan citizens to rally for a peaceful and nonviolent political transformation. No individual or organization that destroys public property and promotes violence will be included in this transformation. We also urge the general public not to support any organization that incites violence.

“We also request that the President, the Prime Minister, and all political parties respect the decisions made at the July 13 meeting of party leaders.” NextGenSL added, “At this time, we firmly believe that it is the national responsibility of every political party to dedicate themselves to the common good and ensure the state’s political stability.”

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