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Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise’s wife, had a miscarriage around the time he suddenly announced they were getting a divorce.


Here’s what the reports said at the time.

Tom Cruise is still one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, and it’s not just because of how well he does his job. It’s also because of how good he looks.

The actor’s faith in Scientology has been in the news a lot, and it was even said to be the reason he split up with Nicole Kidman in the past. Several news stories at the time said that he suddenly told her they were getting a divorce around the same time she lost her second baby.

Before they broke up, Nicole and Cruise had been together for almost eleven years. There were a lot of rumors about what went wrong, but the most well-known ones said that Cruise’s faith in the cult had grown. During the time they were together, they also took in two kids named Isabella and Connor. Their fans really liked that they did that.

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