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OHCHR condemns the #GalleFaceRaid and asks the President to make real changes.


The UN Human Rights Office Spokesperson, Jeremy Laurence, says that the UN Human Rights office is worried about the use of unnecessary force by Sri Lanka’s security forces to break up a protest camp near the presidential offices in Colombo. This happened just hours before the protesters said the camp should be taken down.

Putting out a message. The OHCHR also said it was wrong that protesters, journalists, and lawyers had been beaten.

The UN Human Rights Spokesperson says that there were reports that security forces beat protesters and that at least 48 people were hurt. The protesters were not allowed to leave the protest site for several hours, and those who were hurt could not get medical care.

Also, it was said that security forces attacked journalists and lawyers, especially those who were trying to record what was going on or who had cameras or phones with them. At least two of them were arrested. At least four journalists were hurt by security forces, who beat and attacked them. Two have been taken to the hospital. Tents, computers, and kitchen items that belonged to the protesters were either destroyed or taken away.

The security forces beat up two lawyers, according to the Bar Association.

Journalists, lawyers, and people who fight for human rights have the right to watch and report on the protests. They should be protected and not stopped in any way as they do this, says OHCHR.

So, using force against peaceful protesters is against international law, and the Human Rights Commissioner’s office says that the government needs to stop using force right away.

Under international law, groups can only be broken up in very specific situations, and force can only be used as a last resort when it is absolutely necessary and proportional to the legal goal being sought.

“We are worried that the raid on the camp will send a chilling message to peaceful protesters across the country and around the world.” Everyone has the right to protest peacefully and let the public know how upset they are about the economic and political crisis and how it is affecting their lives and the lives of their families. The sentence says.

It also said that the economic and political crises in Sri Lanka can’t be fixed by force. With the help of the rest of the world, Sri Lankans can only start to rebuild trust by talking to and consulting with a wide range of people. So, this means that the President and his government will deal with impunity and make real changes to structures and institutions for the good of all Sri Lankans.

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