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Only individuals sending money via the proper channels are permitted to return for international employment. the Minister


Only individuals who have contributed money to the country legally may return there for jobs sent by the government, according to the Ministry of Foreign Employment.

According to Minister Manusha Nanayakkara, legal mechanisms will be created to allow Sri Lankan migrant workers to return to other countries in search of jobs depending on the total of their previous remittances and only if they do so through authorized banking channels.

Additionally, he stated that procedures are being done to get cabinet clearance so that migrant workers from Sri Lanka may import vehicles depending on their remittances.

The tax break that allows Sri Lankan migrant workers to shop duty-free at airports will be further enhanced, and based on their remittances, other reliefs such as those for building homes and self-employment will also be offered.

When giving out plane tickets to a group of female Sri Lankan migrant workers who are headed to Israel for work, the Minister made the announcement.

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