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Plans to hold the Esala Perahera Festival this year so it won’t get in the way of school work.


Mr. Chandana Tennakoon, the Kandy District Secretary, says that this year’s Senkadagala Annual Esala Perahera Festival will be held so that schoolwork isn’t interrupted.

He said that schools were closed for the Perahera festival in the past, but this year they won’t be because it’s been hard to keep going to school for so long.

At the Senkadagala annual Esala Perahera progress review meeting held at Sri Dalada Palace in Kandy this afternoon (22), the District Secretary said this.

The discussion was led by Mr. Pradeep Nilanga Dela of Diyawadana Nilam of Sri Dalada Palace, and the heads and representatives of the relevant institutions, including the Basnayake Nilames of the four great temples, also took part.

The district secretary said that schools can’t be used to house security forces and dance groups, so other places will be found for nearly 5,500 people to stay.

So, it has been planned to have places to stay for around 4,500 and 1,000 dancers in the security sector in the places closest to Kandy city.

During the procession, government organizations like the Kandy Municipal Council and Sri Dalanda Palace help the devotees. Other government organizations, like the Central Provincial Council, Kandy District Secretariat, Kandy Kadawat Satara, and Gangawata Koralaya Divisional Secretariat, are in charge of coordinating the activities. The secretary mentioned

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