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Protestors claim they did not seize control of National TV


Protestors claim they did not seize control of National TV. According to campaign members for “GotaGoGama,” anti-government demonstrators only entered Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC)’s television station following talks with SLRC officials.

They claimed that the demonstrators had asked for 15 minutes of TV time so they could express their opinions to the general audience.

They claimed that the SLRC was once again in the control of the authorities and security personnel because the demonstrators had behaved peacefully and left the area without using any violence.

A representative from the SLRC claimed that a group of protesters who had broken into the building had asked that only news stories on “anti-government protests” and amusement shows be broadcast.

The channel halted transmission after the demonstrators had given the public around 15 minutes to hear their side of the story.

After a brief hiatus, the SLRC has however resumed its broadcasting duties.

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