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Protestors target President’s son in Los Angeles USA


Protests have spread to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s son’s house in America ahead of the President’s promised resignation on Wednesday (13), with a group of protestors gathering outside Manoj Rajapaksa’s house in Los Angeles over the weekend, demanding that he call the President back to the US.

“We are in the Los Angeles Sunland neighborhood. We are in front of the house of Gotabaya Rakapaksa’s son, Manoj Rajapaksa. He has stolen money from the people of Sri Lanka and bought this luxury property. This is our money. This is our property. There are only a few of us here today but if your father will not leave his office, we will come here in the thousands,” the protestors had said.

Protesters claimed that Manoj Rajapaksa had no place to stay when he first arrived in the United States, but that he now owns several houses in the country.

“How is it possible to buy such properties that value so much within a very small time period? This is a peaceful protest and the son has to tell the father to step down as soon as possible.”

The protestors also wanted Manoj Rajapaksa to declare his assets and threatened to bring legal action against him if it was not done.

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