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Rajitha claims attack on him was orchestrated


Rajitha Senaratne, former Cabinet Minister and Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP told the media yesterday (10) that he was amidst the people’s protest last Saturday (9) for roughly three and a half hours without incident, talking with protestors and mingling, and was attacked only as they were about to leave, indicating that this was a premeditated attack.

“I was with the protestors for three and a half hours. We walked with a party of 3,000-4,000 people while talking with them. After all that, only when we were preparing to leave, was the attack, which seemed to be pre-planned, orchestrated,” stated the MP.

Speaking further, Dr. Senaratne said that such acts of violence are to be expected during a revolution and the general displeasure towards all politicians can be attributed to the frustration of the people towards the current President they elected, which backfired upon them.

“The people who elected the President but had to suffer because of this are under the impression that there is no use to all of this. That all politicians are the same. That is due to their own actions,” said Dr. Senaratne.

Furthermore, he stated how lawyers as well as the main leader of the multi-party protestors immediately intervened and condemned the assault.

The MP stated, quoting former Soviet Premier Lenin, that revolutions cannot take place while wearing white gloves, and such assaults – as well as acts of violence such as murder, sexual assault, and theft – are to be expected at such a site that attracts people from all walks of life. However, he pointed out that, while such things are to be expected during protests and revolutions, the ultimate goal is extremely pure and moral, and he added that he stands alongside the people for this revolution’s righteous goal.

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