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Seven injured: Protesters seize Police water cannon truck


Police fired warning shots into the air to disperse protesters on Chatham Street, near the President’s official residence in Fort, Colombo.

According to reports, the protesters are currently two Police barricades away from the President’s official residence.

According to reports, security officers are reading the Riots Act provisions to the protesters who are attempting to break through the Police barricades.

Meanwhile, tear gas has been used to disperse protesters in front of the President’s Office in Colombo, near Galle Face Green.

Seven people have been injured in anti-government demonstrations near the President’s Office.

The injured persons include five civilians and two Police officers who have been admitted to the Colombo National Hospital. 

A group of protesters in Fort has also captured a Water Cannon truck that belongs to the Police. 

Several water cannon trucks have been deployed at Chatham Street in Fort and near Galle Face Colombo to disperse anti-government protesters engaged in large-scale protests today.

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