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Slight recovery for Tourism Sector in June


Slight recovery for Tourism Sector in June. In June, there were 32,856 tourists who arrived in Sri Lanka, which represents a slight increase compared to the previous month.

The arrival figures for June show a little improvement in Sri Lanka as a travel destination, despite the ongoing crisis, when compared to the arrival figure of 30,207 reported in May, which is the lowest number since the remarkable kick-start in January.

According to data provided by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, a rise in arrivals from Australia was attributed to the boost in tourist numbers.

With 6,650 visitors from that nation in June, India became the main source of tourist traffic for Sri Lanka. With 3,199, the United Kingdom became the second-largest source market. Australia moved up to third place, accounting for 2,448 tourist arrivals, thanks to the excitement surrounding the current cricket match.

In June, there were 1,095 arrivals per day on average. The island nation’s daily tourist arrivals ranged from 2500 to 3000 at the start of the year until the economic crisis spiraled out of control in the month of April.

The daily average of arrivals was 3,435 during the month of March, which saw the most arrivals (106,500) since the pandemic’s outbreak.

According to a cumulative study of the data provided by the SLTDA, the number of visitors for the first half of the year, which ended in June, exceeded 400,000.

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