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Sri Lankans have the right to peacefully raise their voices – Blinken


According to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the Sri Lankan people have the right to express themselves peacefully, and he has called for a thorough investigation, arrest, and prosecution of anyone involved in any protest-related violence or incidents of violence.

During a press conference in Bangkok, Thailand, US Secretary of State condemned any violence against peaceful protestors and journalists.

In response to a question about the Sri Lankan crisis and the President’s expected resignation, US Secretary of State stated that the US is closely monitoring events and political developments and that he has seen thousands of people from all walks of life take to the streets, demanding accountability, transparency, and a better future.

He also notes that the Prime Minister announced that he would step down when all parties agree to form a new Government, in addition to reports from the Sri Lankan Parliament, the speaker, who said the President intends to step down on July 13th, which they are tracking.

“We would urge the Sri Lankan Parliament to approach this with a commitment to the betterment of the country, not any one political party,” he added.

Following that, he stated that it is incumbent on the Government, whether a new, constitutionally-selected Government or the existing Government, to work quickly to identify and implement solutions that will restore the prospect of long-term economic stability, address the Sri Lankan people’s powerful and palpable discontent with worsening economic conditions, including power, including food and fuel shortages.

The US Secretary of State stated that Russia’s aggression in Ukraine on food insecurity could be one of the factors contributing to Sri Lanka’s current crisis, among many others.

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