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Sri Lanka’s fuel expenses grew by USD 4 billion


Sri Lanka’s fuel expenses grew by USD 4 billion. Dr. Bandula Gunawardena, the Spokesperson for the Cabinet, stated that the Cabinet of Ministers was notified that there would be no gas shortage in the nation starting August 1st, 2022.

Fuel is currently the state’s largest expense, according to him; hence there is a big problem.

He claimed that while the cost of importing fuel has increased by USD 4 Billion, the predicted cost of fuel purchases for 2022 was USD 6.7 Billion. He added that a tiny country like Sri Lanka would find it difficult to absorb such an increase.

He said that the Government had given the Energy Minister permission to use the QR Code System to distribute fuel in accordance with a quota system in order to remedy the problem.

Four million vehicles have registered for this initiative and on Monday at 245 Filling Stations nationwide, diesel and fuel was given to 70,123 vehicles exclusively based on the QR system.

Given the current situation, he asked the general population to practice patience when buying fuel.

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