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Statement from Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association


Statement from Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association. The Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association has made 5 recommendations in a Statement issued by themselves on the current situations.

The 5 recommendations being:

1. Public representatives should listen to the majority public opinion of the politically independent people’s protest and immediately provide solutions through the Legislative.

2. Politically independent protestors who have been fighting to establish the rule of law and social justice, should fight for their rights by staying within the legal framework.

3. The protestors should take action to hand over the public property that belongs to the people, back to the authorities immediately as it has already been declared, and no public or private property should be damaged in future.

4. Since it appears that certain people and groups with hidden agendas have joined the people’s protest which has remained non-violent and politically independent so far, no space should be allowed to make it a platform to achieve their narrow personal objectives.

5. Though at a time of political instability, the SASA, along with all the Public Servants pledges to not allow the country to descend into a state of anarchy, by ensuring that the 22 million citizens of the country carry on their day-to-day lives even at a minimum level with limited resources.

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