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The government initiated an oppression wave.


Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition, asserts that the government has initiated a wave of oppression against the people, despite the continued calls for the resignations of the prime minister and president.

He asserts that the wave of armed repression against unarmed protestors has been initiated.

While condemning the oppressive measures taken by the government, the leader of the opposition demanded to know if the president had actually resigned or merely paused for a moment.

Therefore, he emphasizes that the current administration, which continues to oppress the people, must resign lest it drag the country into a much worse situation, and he asserts that they cannot continue to swear into positions as they require.

Consequently, he urged the tri-forces and the Police forces of the nation to consider the unarmed protestors, to refrain from becoming the President and the Prime Minister’s tools, and to refrain from harming any protestors in the process.

In addition, he stated that the Party Leaders meeting that was supposed to take place today had been canceled, and he demanded to know why the Parliament was not proceeding with its plans to appoint a new President in the near future.

The leader of the opposition also urged the protestors not to damage any public property and to continue their protest peacefully.

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