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The “Mad Max” spinoff “Furiosa” has revealed Chris Hemsworth’s shaggy appearance.


The mystery persona portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in the upcoming post-apocalyptic action-adventure movie “Furiosa” has a cool appearance, as shown in recent set images.

Dementus, a villain in the movie, is said to be the name of the actor’s role. The images, which were taken during a break in filming, show the actor as an entirely different persona. He has a shock of hair and a scruffy red beard.

George Miller, the filmmaker of all the “Mad Max” movies, returns for this prequel spinoff of the series. It is based on the Imperator Furiosa character from the series’ most recent installment, “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Anya Taylor-Joy will play the part in “Furiosa,” whereas Charlize Theron did it in “Fury Road.” The script was written by Miller and Nico Lathouris.

The 2015 action film “Fury Road” is largely regarded as the greatest action film of all time. For the studio Warner Bros., it was both a commercial and critical success.

On the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, it received a score of 97%. According to the consensus, “Mad Max: Fury Road returns George Miller’s post-apocalyptic series roaring vigorously back to life with spectacular action and a surprising amount of narrative substance.”

In “Fury Road,” a revival of the series, Tom Hardy took Mel Gibson’s place as Max Rockatansky. Also starring are Tom Burke, Nathan Jones, and Angus Sampson.

The movie “Furiosa” will debut on May 24, 2024.

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