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The Ukrainian president attributes the ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka to Russia.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky blamed Russia for the ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka, citing the blockade of food products during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as the cause of global unrest.

During his address at the Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul, Zelensky stated that the creation of a “economic shock” is one of the tactics Russia has employed in its invasion of Ukraine. As a result of food and fuel shortages caused by the ongoing crisis and supply chain disruptions, countries have fallen into unrest, which has benefited Russia’s agenda.

And this is not only our concern. Consider just one instance: the events in Sri Lanka. The shocking increases in food and fuel prices caused a social explosion. No one currently knows how this will end. According to a report by Ukinform, Zelensky stated in his address to Asian nations, “However, you are all aware that similar explosions are possible in other nations experiencing food and energy shortages.”

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