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Twitter is shocked by US Vice President Joe Biden’s “I have cancer” comment, and the White House explains it.


On Wednesday, a video of US Vice President Joe Biden giving a speech seemed to show that he said he has cancer. This caused worry on social media. Mr. Biden was talking about new executive orders to fight climate change while he was at a former coal mine plant in Somerset, Massachusetts. Even though the President’s comment seemed casual, the White House quickly explained that he was talking about the skin cancer treatment he had before he took office in January of last year.

Mr. Biden was talking about the damage caused by oil refinery emissions when he talked about his childhood home in Delaware and said, “We couldn’t walk, so my mother drove us, and guess what? When the first frost hit, do you remember what was going on? You had to use your windshield wipers to get the oil slick off the window. That’s why I have cancer and so do so many other people I grew up with. It’s also why Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the country for a long time.”

As soon as the clip was posted on Twitter, a lot of people wanted to know if the comment was a mistake or an admission.

“Joe Biden just said he has cancer and called a male House member “she,” so things are going great today,” a user said. Someone else tweeted, “Does Joe Biden have cancer or dementia?”

“I hope your cancer goes away,” said someone else on Twitter.

The President’s comments made a lot of noise, so the White House made it clear that he was talking about his previous diagnosis. The New York Post and Sky News called the White House, and a spokesperson named Andrew Bates pointed to a tweet from Washington Post columnist Glenn Kessler, who said that Mr. Biden had “non-melanoma skin cancers” removed before he became president.

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