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Two people were arrested for skipping queues and getting in the way of police work.


At the Gonagama gas station in Kurunegala, a suspect was caught getting in the way of police officers and hitting them.

The police said that the person in question, who was drunk, went to get gas for his motorcycle by cutting in front of the line, which was against the rules.

At that time, the suspect had attacked the police officers with a sharp object he had stolen from a nearby store.

The suspect has also been hurt by a police officer.

The suspect, who was 40 years old and had fled the scene, was later caught at the Wariyapola District Hospital, where he was getting treatment.

At the same time, someone who tried to attack a police officer with a saw was caught at the Piliyandala Madapata gas station.

Police said that he had tried twice to get gas without waiting in line by skipping the line on a motorcycle.

Later, when the suspect came back to the same gas station in a truck, he tried to attack the police with a saw.

After that, the 43-year-old suspect was caught by the police.

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