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Update on fuel situation


Update on fuel situation. Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said that the National Fuel Pass system will be put into place commencing Tuesday, July 26, 2022, throughout the entire island.

According to Minister Wijesekera, the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation’s (CEYPETCO) and the Lanka Indian Oil Company’s fuel stations will deploy the National Fuel Pass system tomorrow in a number of locations (LIOC).

He added that, as a workaround for the National Fuel Pass system’s technical issues, the Last Digit of Number Plate scheme would be in place until August 1st.

The Energy Minister delivered seven important National Fuel Pass system updates on Twitter.

1) Beginning Tuesday, July 26th, CEYPETCO and LIOC will offer the National Fuel Pass in many locations. Up to August 1st, the Last Digit of Number Plate method will be in use.

2) Until the technical problems are resolved, stations that are underequipped or experiencing technical challenges shall adhere to the last digit fuel quota distribution. A priority in the delivery of fuel will be given to the 60% of the stations that have previously been outfitted and tested.

2) Distribution will be severely enforced at fuel stations with the QR facilities by the first of August.

3) Request all fuel station owners at CEYPETCO & LIOC to adopt the system immediately. All are asked to sign up for the National Fuel Pass and support the project.

4) By the end of the week, users will have the option to register several vehicles with their business registration, as well as Government Institutions. Access to the portal will be provided to Divisional Secretaries so they can register generators, gardening tools, and other equipment.

5) The Police Department and Divisional Secretaries will have access to register three-wheelers and assign each three-wheeler to a particular gas station. The Ministry of Transportation will have access to register buses and assign them to appropriate depots or fueling locations.

6) Access to the system will be granted to other service providers, including the health, agriculture, fisheries, tourism, and industrial sectors, so they can register their needs and assign vehicles to fuel stations.

7) As of August 1st, the final digit number plate system and other allocations will no longer be valid, and only the QR system quota will be in effect. Members and volunteers from the National Youth Corp and National Youth Council will help the initiative at gas stations for the next 10 days.

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