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Update on Laugfs gas


Update on Laugfs gas. One of the two biggest liquefied petroleum gas suppliers in Sri Lanka, Laugfs Gas PLC, claims it is taking the required steps to expand its product distribution operations so that its clients can quickly get gas cylinders.

According to a press release issued today, 1st July 2022, the company has lately encountered significant difficulties importing LP gas for commercial, industrial, and home uses because of the currency crunch in the nation.

Laugfs Gas added that it was difficult for them to balance supply and demand because they were unable to open Letters of Credit for several months to import LP gas. However, they have now been able to open the required Letters of Credit.

In an effort to stop process inconsistencies, Laugfs Gas decided to sell LP gas cylinders to the consumers directly. As a result, product distribution through its distributors and sales agents has already started.

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