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Urgent aid initiative: a new initiative from the acting president


Acting President Ranil Wickremesinghe has decided to implement an emergency relief program to provide fuel, gas, and essential food items to the struggling public.

This decision was made after discussions with ministers and members of parliament this morning (16).

In addition, it has been decided to use additional funds from the August-presented budget for disaster relief.

During that discussion, the acting president suggested accelerating the food security program’s implementation.

Special care was taken to provide fuel and fertilizers promptly and regularly.

During this discussion, plans have also been made to create the ideal environment for business people to conduct their operations without hindrance.

During the discussion, Acting President Wickremesinghe stated that the plan presented by the peaceful protesters has been recognized as a good one.

The Acting President added that he will inform the activists about the anti-corruption measures being taken.

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