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Woman dead after being swept away by the strong current


A woman was swept away by strong currents in Uswatakeiyawa, Pamunuwa and later died upon admission to hospital.

According to police, the deceased attended an event at a hotel in Uswatakeiyawa with a group and then went down to the beach before being swept away by strong currents.

The woman was swept into the sea by the strong waves and washed ashore, but she died after being admitted to Pamunwa Hospital.

The deceased was identified as a 30-year-old Biyanwila, Kadawata resident.

Meanwhile, three teenagers were swept into the sea while swimming in the Seethagalla Natural Seawater Pool in Gandara, Talalla.

Two of them survived and the other remains missing.

According to police, the two men who were rescued are currently being treated at Matara General Hospital.

The incident occurred while 17 students from the Ruhuna University’s Kumburupitiya Gamudava Technology College were swimming in Talalla.

A 22-year-old man has been identified as missing, and a search and rescue operation is underway.

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