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You can now get a hangover medication to assist you to overcome the after-drink blues.


A hangover is the exact opposite of the joy that comes with drinking with friends. People fear getting a headache, throwing up, and (much) more. “Is there a treatment for this?” When you have to use the restroom one more time, you speak aloud your thoughts. If only there were a miracle drug.

Your wish is, in general, the pharmaceutical industry’s order. Swedish company Myrkl has introduced a “hangover pill.” The drug is now available in the UK.

The supplement is marketed as “the pre-drinking pill that works” and is an anti-hangover aid. After one hour, according to Myrkl, the tablet can metabolize 70% of the alcohol.

For instance, just 6 ml of 20 ml of pure alcohol will reach the bloodstream.

According to the manufacturer, the pill prevents the start of intoxication by triggering gastrointestinal bacteria that convert alcohol to carbon dioxide and water before it reaches the liver.

In the UK, 30 pounds will get you 30 tablets.

Although many people may perceive this drug as a blessing, specialists have warned that it may be abused. They have brought up the risk that this medication may not always be safe to take by someone who wishes to drive after drinking. It has also been noted that the pill can provide users with a justification for consuming far more alcohol than their bodies can handle.

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