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AG has been given time to file charges against Sanath Nishantha


Sanath Nishantha, a state minister, has been given until January 17, 2023 by the attorney general to bring charges against him in connection with the cases brought on contempt of court allegations.

When three cases filed against the State Minister on grounds of contempt of court were taken up for review today, the Court of Appeal issued the directive.

Several parties charged Sanath Nishantha with contempt of court in August after he claimed that several judges and staff from the Attorney General’s Department were accountable for releasing convicts who took part in the violence in Sri Lanka in May.

During a press conference in August, he added, “Some judges should take responsibility for this, they provide bail for these criminals in one day.”

After that, a petition accusing State Minister Sanath Nishantha of contempt of court was submitted to the Court of Appeal by a number of attorneys.

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