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Former ruling party, myself, accountable for economic collapse: Prof. Jayasumana


No one could escape from the joint responsibility for the collapse of the nation’s economy, according to parliamentarian Professor Channa Jayasumana and all the former ruling party’s members, including the former President.

In response to a query from the media regarding a statement made by Dr. Bandula Gunawardana, Minister of Transport, Highways, and Mass Media, he said this.

Since we also want to know who gave former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa orders on certain matters, Minister Bandula Gunawardana’s statements are now admissible, Jayasumana added.

“It is better to come clean about who provided the former President incorrect counsel. The country would benefit from knowing those specifics so it could find the people in charge of the problems, he said.

“We presented the former President with our recommendations before the elections, and he freely considered them and promised that they would be executed. But once he became office, he stopped paying attention to our suggestions.

That, in my opinion, was the fundamental factor in his failure. As we saw, he has received advise from a number of his family members and close friends.

“We disagreed with the prior President’s decision to halt fertilizer imports. I warned him about the dangers involved in stopping fertilizer imports and suggested that we do so gradually over the course of ten years.

He stated, “That is the fundamental reason he is unpopular. “We’re still unsure about the source of such concepts. Professor Jayasumana remarked, “That failure persists, and we are all victims of it.”

As a result, he stated, “everyone in the government that was established under President Gotabaya should bear responsibility.”

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