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Grade 01 admission


New rules governing the enrollment of Grade 01 and GCE Advanced Level students in schools have been released by the Ministry of Education.

The Education Ministry will not be involved in the admission of Grade 01 students, according to a statement from the ministry.

The ministry added that GCE Ordinary Level students in 2022 whose schools do not provide their desired GCE Advanced Level streams will need to submit applications to the institutions that do offer such GCE Advanced Level streams.

Students taking the 2022 GCE Ordinary Level have been advised not to submit such applications to the Education Ministry since only schools will handle the procedure.

The Education Ministry also announced that beginning on December 5, 2022, the process of granting pupils admission to enroll in institutions in the middle of the semester has been suspended.

Only when the third academic term of 2022 has ended, which is on March 24, 2023, will mid-semester enrolment for 2023 begin.
The admissions will be provided after scrutinising applications and based on vacancies in schools, the ministry added.

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