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Nightlife destroy SL’s culture: Cardinal


Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, the archbishop of Colombo, yesterday encouraged all religious figures, including the Maha Sanga, to take the initiative in opposing proposed nightlife activities in order to protect Sri Lanka’s culture.

Speaking at a public event in Kurana Negombo, Cardinal Ranjith said that nightlife activities should not be permitted to harm Sri Lanka’s culture, which is supported by Buddhism.

“Nightlife activities have been suggested by several ‘parangiyas’ who have returned to Sri Lanka from abroad. They suggest starting a cannabis farm. All of these actions are taken in an effort to rid Sri Lanka of drugs. They mention putting those convicted of drug-related crimes to death. The destruction of our culture, which is based on the Buddhist philosophy, will result from these and other nightlife activities. Therefore, we implore religious authorities, especially Buddhist monks, to take the initiative in preserving our unique culture, the speaker stated.

“We also observe the transfer of land to numerous international corporations. We want to remind the political elites not to use this country for their own personal gain and advancement,” he continued.

A intellectual revolution is what Sri Lanka needs, he added.

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