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Peru’s new President bows to public protests to call early elections, days after being appointed


Days after taking office, Peru’s new President Dina Boluarte caved to public pressure to call early elections and said that she would serve out the remainder of the current term, which is set to expire in 2026, despite the fact that two demonstrators had been killed by police.

The leader of the largest party in parliament, Mrs. Boluarte, announced on Sunday that she will ask the legislature to move the elections up to April 2024. She is Peru’s first female president and the country’s sixth president in as few as six years. A president typically serves for five years.

The protests will be a litmus test for Mrs. Boluarte’s presidency. In areas where protests have been most intense, she proclaimed a state of emergency on Sunday.

As a result of a concerted effort by the ruling party and the major opposition party, her predecessor Pedro Castillo was impeached last Wednesday (7th) after serving for barely 17 months.

A few hours later, Mr. Castillo was detained for insurrection as he tried to leave the nation and seek safety in Mexico. When he sought to dissolve congress and gave the military orders to oppose the house, the army abruptly announced that it would support the legislature when the Chief Justice and Attorney General of the nation ruled the action illegal. He has since been placed on detention by a judge for a week as detectives compile their case.

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