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Police K9 unit “Shaggy” tracks down suspect


A suspect accused for killing a man with a club was located by a K9 squad of the Sri Lankan police known as “Shaggy.”

A woman complained to the Divulapelessa Police on Monday, claiming that her husband, who had left the house the day before to herd cattle, had not come home. This was said in a statement from the Office of the Police Spokesperson.

The body of the 44-year-old guy was found inside a jungle in the Dikpitiya region on Monday morning after a search with local help. The man was slain using a club and a stone that were found at the scene, according to the investigation.

As a result, the Hasalaka Police K9 Unit and its handler Constable Seneviratne were summoned. Based on the scent the K9 unit detected at the crime site, it traveled to a nearby house and entered the well at the back of the building, where it discovered numerous washed pieces of clothing.

As a result, the 46-year-old homeowner was detained by the police for the murder, and it was later discovered that the suspect was the victim’s brother. The brothers had a long-running argument over a paddy field, according to the police, and this argument may have contributed to the murder.

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