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Sri Lanka’s 98 Acres Resort wins International Award


The 16th World Luxury Hotel Awards (2022), which were recently held in Antalya, Turkey, recognized 98 Acres Resort & Spa, a division of U.H.E. Group, as the top luxury mountain resort in Asia.

The renowned honors put 98 Acres Resort & Spa on par with some of the most coveted luxury hotels and resorts in the world, noted for their opulent service, extensive offerings, and unsurpassed quality.

The recent recognition highlights Sri Lanka’s luxurious offerings for both domestic and international tourists. Travelers from abroad continue to express interest in the opulent Ella resort and spa, which is still receiving accolades from all around the world.

The innovative approach to luxury and experiential travel has made Ella – a notable and aspirational holiday region, that many believe will soon rival Bali as a luxury leisure destination. This has played a significant role in promoting and expanding not only Ella’s tourism prowess but also Sri Lanka’s.

Eranda Aberathna, Group Director of Marketing for the U.H.E. Group, said, “We are honored and humbled to be named the top Luxury Mountain Resort in Asia. When 98 Acres was founded in 2012, we had a vision for the company’s name, product line, and overall impact on Sri Lanka’s travel and tourist sector.

This honor was made possible by the company’s common goal, which was shared by all members of the 98 Acres family, from management to operations. This honor is given in honor of the entire 98 Acres family, and we look forward to expanding the possibilities for the international clientele that Sri Lanka’s hospitality sector can serve.

The World Luxury Hotel Awards, which were established in 2006, are the gold standard for success in the luxury hotel sector, providing global recognition as chosen by visitors, tourists, and industry participants. Each year, during a four-week period, more than 300,000 tourists from around the world vote to choose the winners.

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