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With the arrival of Unduwap Poya, Sri Pada season begins


The start of Unduwap full moon Poya on Sunday morning signaled the beginning of the Sri Pada pilgrim season 2022–2023.

Four procession routes, including Ratnapura-Awissawella-Hatton, Balangoda-Bagawantalawa, Ratnapura-Palabathgala, and Kuruvita-Erathna Raja Mawatha, were used to transport the sacred relics, statues of the God, and regalia. These processions left Galpottawala Sri Pada Rajamaha Vihara in Pelmadulla the

To show their respect for the processions, thousands of followers lined the streets.

After the relics and statues were placed in the upper compound of the Sri Padasthana, the pilgrim season began. Chief Sanghanayake of Sabaragamuwa Disawa, Chancellor of the Uva-Wellassa University, and Chief Incumbent of Sri Padasthana Ven. Bengamuwe Dhammadinna Thera oversaw the performance of the traditional customs and rituals.

While this was going on, people and organizations from the public and private sectors had planned to offer free meals and refreshments to travelers traveling from Nallathanniiya to the upper compound.

Ven. Thera urged visitors to preserve the Sri Padasthana’s holiness and abstain from environmental degradation.

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