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Colpetty accident: Driver arrested at airport


At the Katunayake Airport, the driver of the high-end vehicle involved in the fatal collision that claimed one life on Saturday in Colpetty, Sri Lanka, was taken into custody.

According to the police, the 26-year-old suspect was detained upon his arrival from abroad.

The guy allegedly hit a three-wheeler from behind while driving his high-end vehicle off the road on Saturday am after leaving a nightclub with his buddies. The suspect left the scene of the collision on Galle Road in Colpetty and traveled to Dubai the same day.

The three-driver wheeler’s had passed away from her injuries in the hospital, and one of the two female passengers in the car had been beaten up by others who had seen the collision.

The suspect is prohibited from traveling abroad, according to a court order, according to the police. He had just returned from Dubai to Sri Lanka yesterday night when immigration officers detained him at the Katunayake airport.

The suspect, a Wellampitiya resident aged 26, has been transported to the Colpetty Police Station. The event is being investigated further by the Colpetty Police.

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